A lot of my images focus on nature’s patterns and Fractals in particular. I find myself drawn to photographing these patterns. Above all else it seems to me to be the driving force in the creation of the vast majority of my images.

Research has indicated that looking at Fractal patterns in nature has the same effect on the brain as listening to music. This can make us feel relaxed or stimulate creativity.

What are Fractal Patterns?

Fractals are geometric motifs that are repeated at different scales in the same structure. Examples that we can see easily are ferns, tree branches, clouds and shells. These patterns are also revealed when we look even closer at nature using a macro lens. The structure of leaves, rocks and bark are all examples of Fractal patterns and looking at them can be beneficial to our mental health and well being.

Here you are able to view and purchase the images. There is the choice of having prints on canvas, toughened glass or traditional cotton rag paper which can be framed if required using Nielsen Classic polished black for all sizes or brushed aluminium for most sizes. I will be introducing more options for purchasing prints on aluminium soon.

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